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Tertiary septic 

We work  Closely with are Health units 

 Most Popular Tertiary septic System 

Question About tertiary systems...

- Tertiary septic system is a treatment unit after your septic tank to treat your waste water before going to the leaching bed

- Tertiary septic system is needed if you don't have enough room on your property for a conventional septic system

- Tertiary septic system are also use if you want to have a septic as low as possible to not have a hill in your backyard or front Yard

- Tertiary septic system are mostly use with a Shallow Buried Trench for the Ecoflo & Norweco system

The Eljen system do not require any treatment unit but the whole leaching bed is the treatment unit its install just like a conventional septic

- All those tertiary septic system require a maintenance agreement. That means every year a certified company for maintenance will come and inspect your septic system the cost goes from 200$-350$ a Year